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To succeed in the challenging new world of social-search, your travel website or blog needs content, and lots of it. However, the days of “content for the sake of content” are well and truly over. To generate valuable search engine traffic and large numbers of social media shares and connections, your site must be packed with top quality, professional travel journalism.


What Your Site Needs

  • Detailed, well-researched dispatches and travel intelligence from in-country experts.
  • Inspiring, well-written travel narratives that genuinely entertain your readers.
  • On-the-ground travel advice and recommendations from pro writers who know your audience.
  • Unique, useful travel information that readers cannot find elsewhere.

What Your Site Doesn’t Need

  • Bland “Top 10″ lists that don’t provide any assistance or use for future travellers.
  • Gushing, clichéd travel stories that no one will read, care about or share on social media.
  • Thin, “space filler” articles that don’t offer any real benefit or value to your readers.

How We Can Help

We are the world’s largest network of professional travel writers and bloggers, with hundreds of journalists covering all the world’s most exciting travel destinations. We can provide the content that your readers want and need, helping your site to grow and to generate more traffic and better social media connections.

What’s more, we can provide it for FREE.


How It Works

Register as a publisher using the following form and we will send you travel content that matches the specifications you provide. Your material is guaranteed 100% unique high quality travel journalism and is yours to use exclusively, entirely free of charge. You are free to make any editorial changes as required, but are asked to retain any references and links to the article sponsors, all of whom are reputable, high quality travel businesses.


Just Another Content-For-Links Deal?

No. We’re travel writers and publishers ourselves. Like you, we get inundated with requests for guest posting “great” articles for free in return for links from our sites. Like you, we know that 99% of the time that content is junk that adds no extra value to your website.

We are different. We don’t benefit from posting junk content on the web, so we don’t do it. We do benefit from posting great, professionally-written travel material from our own expert, in-country journalists. We don’t want junky links as much as you don’t want junky content. That is why we make considerable investments in the content that we commission and are highly selective in the sites that we share it with.

Do regular content-for-link requests look like these?

Huayna Potosi article for Trek & Mountain MagazineChoquequirao article for VagobondAmazon article for Adventure Travel MagazineMarcahuamachuco article for Amateur Traveler

We are seeking high value, relevant and selective travel blogs and publications to create genuine, mutually beneficial and long term partnerships. If you feel that your site fits into that category, we’d love to hear from you.

“I have found the quality of your content to be high and very useful to as I aim to expand coverage and provide more useful content that readers will find helpful and that can be acted upon. I can count on your content for that, and all the material supplied has been key to providing a greater diversity of travel info for the readership of”

Mark Chesnut, editor,


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Terms & Conditions

  • All content is provided on an “All Rights” basis with a worldwide, first-use, exclusive guarantee. All material is checked via CopyScape before delivery.
  • Editorial changes are permitted in the body of the articles, with the sole exception of links provided in the ‘further details’ section of the article, which must be reproduced verbatim with no changes.
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