Well Paying Travel Writing Assignments

You may have heard otherwise, but high quality, professional travel journalism has a bright and healthy future online.

The skills that make you a respected and professional travel journalist are now in high demand among all travel businesses, because they are exactly the same skills that they need to succeed and thrive online.

In order to succeed online, travel businesses are now investing in professional content that is:

  • Professionally written to high standards of accuracy, spelling and grammar.
  • Detail-oriented, thoroughly researched and based on direct personal experience.
  • Informative and directly useful for other travellers.
  • Inspiring, engaging, revealing and entertaining.
  • Written by journalists and bloggers with broad online reach and exposure.

If this sounds familiar, we want to hear from you.


Who Are We?

We are the world’s most comprehensive network of online travel writers and bloggers, comprising over 500 (and counting) registered contributors with global expertise covering every facet of travel. Many of our contributors are members of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), the British Guild of Travel Writers, Travel Writers Exchange and other professional associations and communities.

We supply high quality travel writing to commercial travel websites such as flight booking & comparison sites, hotel chains, DMOs, online travel agencies and more.

In association with SATW, we have created the first professional development guidelines for online travel writing that incorporate the needs and requirements of modern publishers.


How It Works

Websites and publishers come to us because they understand the need to invest in creative, professional travel writing for their websites. They request one-off assignments or we help them develop an ongoing monthly package of travel content.

When we receive assignments we send the details to all relevant contributors in our database. Writers only receive information of relevant assignments; i.e. those which match up with the information they gave on registration, including their rate per word.


Assignment Types

Assignment size and format vary. Some of the most common assignments are:

  • Blog-length articles, around 400 words on various subjects such as destination/city guides, first person travel stories, restaurant reviews, museum recommendations, etc.
  • Detailed destination guides.
  • Special interest guides & information, such as aviation, photography, archaeology, cuisine, etc.


Assignment rates also vary, according to the budget available. At the lowest end budgets start at 10 cents per word and rise to $1.50+ per word. Contributors specify their minimum rate per word and only receive assignment details that match their specified rate.


Contributor Registration

Please register here.


Terms & Conditions

The following terms are intended to protect both you the author, and the publisher. Please note: your registration and application for and/or acceptance of any assignments constitutes your agreement to the following:

  • Content is commissioned on an all-rights, worldwide first-use basis. This means that your content must not have been used anywhere else previously and that you agree to not use the material for any other purpose.
  • All content must be 100% unique and entirely your own words. Material will be checked through CopyScape and previously published or plagiarised content will be rejected.
  • Acceptance of your material is entirely at the publisher’s discretion. Revisions may be requested before payment is made.
  • Payment is made via PayPal once all material has been accepted by the publisher.
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